You are invited to draw up a chair and join us at the community table- What?
Wait a moment-

For twenty years we have asked our friends to help us assist Care and Share with their mission to "bridge the gap between hunger and abundance."

And for twenty years, you have obliged us, shopped, carried bags, toted boxes and hauled cartons of non-perishable food, thousands of pounds. Last year, 1330 pounds.

Many have offered checks and cash, bought some of our limited edition posters, where every last dime went to this great organization. Did you know Care and Share can provide eight meals for every dollar they get? That is amazing.

But we asked ourselves, "SELVES, can we do better?"
The answer we got was "Oh, yeah."

This year we are trying a couple of new ideas-
We hope you will like this-

1) Carrying all of this stuff is getting harder on everyones knees and backs. Think about a favorite item from over the years and how many you might contribute. How much would that cost ($5?$10?$?? up to you.) Then the next time you are at the store, get one of those items, and write a check to Care and Share, put it in an envelope and wrap it around the item. It might be a tax deduction for you, and sure a whole lot easier to cart up the street, down the stairs, out to the garage, yadda, yadda.
2) We challenged a few of our Nordic artist friends to draw a chair for this night, and they responded with some amazing pieces of art. They are here on our website,, and the framed, ready-to-hang originals will be (silently) auctioned off on this night. So bring your checkbook or credit card and be ready to take home a piece by Carol McIntyre, Dianna Cates Dunn, Mort Fadum or Doug.

Our biggest wish though is for our friends to get together, enjoy some art, conversation and some refreshments around the firepit. Smiling Toad Brewery will be providing some of the beer. Call us if we can answer any questions. If you cannot stop by, though, consider sending a check to Care and Share, or your local food bank.

Please join us.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us know you are coming, and join us!

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